Almost inevitable: Recording “bad fats”: mainly animal fats, trans fats and other saturated fats can hardly be avoided. This can increase the risk of Aterienverkalkung (atherosclerosis) and lead to an increase of harmful LDL cholesterol.

Undersupply of micronutrients: Probably the strongest disadvantage of a diet without carbohydrates. Even representatives of the ketogenic diet admit that you have to take certain essential substances for the body in the form of dietary supplements to be. No wonder: limited vegetables, low in fiber and no fruit are allowed.
Fatigue and digestive problems: especially in the first days of the changeover can occur. As a rule, the sets but again, once the body gets used to the state of ketosis. Alpha Prime Elite Fake

Halitosis: By ketosis produced the metabolic hormone acetone, which can trigger severe halitosis.

Perhaps interesting for a few: you can tolerate less alcohol: Not that I would ever recommend someone to consume alcohol, but through the ketosis intensifies the effect, and the alcohol is also degraded more slowly. But alcohol you drink anyway all in moderation, if at all, right? :)

WHAT TO DO IN THE DIET WITHOUT carbs? Diet without carbohydrates? You may freely eat cheese

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