The goal in a diet without carbohydrates

The goal in a diet without carbohydrates is to put the body into a kind of starvation response. This is achieved in that the body as an energy source only uses grease for this purpose due to lack of carbohydrates. The body first begins to empty its existing glycogen. Subsequently, it is after about two days in order to ketosis.

This fatty acids are broken down in the liver to ketone bodies. This then meet the energy needs of the body. They also supply the brain, which is dependent usually on glucose as an energy source. So to be achieved, that the body can break down the body’s fat faster.

Important: this effect is achieved only at the alpha prime elite ingredients predetermined macronutrient distribution. Once one takes too many carbs or too much protein, the body from the ketosis and therefore the hunger metabolism gets out. For protein can be converted to about 50% in the same manner as in carbohydrates glucose – 10% fat.




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